Privacy policy

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Last updated: June 27, 2022.

“Movimenta BC” recognizes the importance of data privacy and understands it as fundamental to respect the personal information of USERS registered on its platform.

We value the trust placed in us and are committed to protecting any personal data that the USER may inform us of.

This privacy statement describes how the USER's information is obtained, stored, used and shared.

In addition, this privacy statement also tells you how you can exercise your rights in relation to your personal data and how to contact “Movimenta BC”.

The USER can change their communication preferences in the "Movimenta BC" application itself, as well as solve their questions and request information, at any time, through the "help" tab contained in the platform.

The privacy policy of "Movimenta BC" may be updated from time to time, but if any changes are made that may affect the collected data, the USER will receive a notification about the change, before the activities related to it begin.

Who controls the processing of personal data?

The controller is the individual or legal entity that makes decisions about the processing of the personal data collected, acting in accordance with the applicable legislation and as described in this privacy statement.

What data do you collect?

When an account is created by the USER for registration on the “Movimenta BC” platform, some personal information may be requested and stored, such as: full name, CPF, email, address, telephone number and contact preferences.

There may be other situations in which the USER will also need to provide personal information, such as their current location while browsing the “Movimenta BC” platform.

Such information helps “Movimenta BC” to deliver the best possible experience and service to the USER, such as: suggesting restaurants and attractions closer to their location, in addition to other recommendations, as well as offering prize and sweepstakes programs.

How does “Movimenta BC” make use of social networks?

The use of social networks can be integrated with the services of "Movimenta BC" in several ways, among them, the collection of some of the USER's personal data or the receipt, by the social network provider, of some of the USER's information.

To create your registration, the USER needs to access the platform of "Movimenta BC" directly or via their social networks.

How does “Movimenta BC” make use of mobile devices?

“Movimenta BC” offers a free application through which the personal data of the USER registered on the platform is also collected and processed.

It works in the same way as the “Movimenta BC” website, but with the possibility of also allowing the use of location services available on mobile devices.

Data generated during the use of the services

Data from your devices

Regardless of the use of a benefits coupon, when a USER accesses the “Movimenta BC” website or platform, some information is automatically collected, such as: IP addresses, browser type and language, Internet Service Provider (ISP), query and output pages, operating system, date and time information, click sequence data, device manufacturer, operator, model, device version, application version, operating system version, device advertising identifier (IDFA), device accessibility information and Wi-Fi networks.

Transactional data and data on its use

“Movimenta BC” collects data about USERS' interactions on the platform, including date and time of access, searches and visualizations, as well as transactional data related to the use of the services.

Communication Data

Communication between USERS and partner tenantS occurs directly.

How does “Movimenta BC” use customer registration data?

Provide your services

To provide, maintain, update and customize the products and services intended for the USER, existing or to be created.

This includes using USER data to create, update, and customize your account.

The USER's personal data may also be used for internal purposes, such as auditing, data analysis and research to improve products, services and communications with customers, as well as generation of statistical analysis, including consumption trends.

Evaluation of tenants

By submitting comments and feedback in relation to the platform and services of partner tenantS, the USER authorizes "Movimenta BC" to publish and use such evaluations on the platform, as well as to analyze, process and treat them in isolation or in aggregate.

Non-commercial communication

From time to time, your personal data may be used to send notices and notifications, such as communications about new benefits, changes in deadlines, conditions and policies.


"Movimenta BC" will also have access to USER information, when they request support about the use of the platform, either through the "help" tab or via the website

In such situations, “Movimenta BC” may use the USER's personal data to certify its ownership, direct questions to the attendant, investigate the problem and monitor and improve support procedures.

Security and fraud prevention

"Movimenta BC" may also use the USER's personal data to improve the security of the platform and improve the services and offers offered, as well as to identify and prevent fraud in the use of the service.


“Movimenta BC” may use the personal data of its USERS to send advertising, as well as other promotional materials, which includes targeted marketing on social networks and push notifications.

In this case, the USER may choose not to receive marketing notifications at any time, changing their preferences for the platform, in the "manage notifications" tab under "settings".

In addition, “Movimenta BC” may share the information strictly necessary for this purpose with its business partners, for the purpose of developing relevant marketing campaigns for those interested in the services and/or products advertised in “Movimenta BC”.

“Movimenta BC” will only share personal data with partners that have a privacy policy that offers compatible levels of protection to those offered by this statement.


If the USER participates in a contest, competition or any other form of promotion, “Movimenta BC” may share the information collected for the administration of such rewards programs.

Miscellaneous surveys

“Movimenta BC” may use the personal data collected for direct contact with its USERS in order to seek important feedback for the improvement of its services.

In this case, the USER will be asked if he/she wishes to participate in the survey in question with a negative option.

Legal and regulatory requirements

The personal data of USERS may be used to address legal and regulatory claims related to the use of "Movimenta BC" services.

How does “Movimenta BC” use cookies and other technologies?

“Movimenta BC” uses technologies such as cookies, pixel tags, local storage or other identifiers, both from mobile devices and desktops for a variety of functions.

These technologies help authenticate the USER's account, promote and improve the services of “Movimenta BC” and evaluate the effectiveness of communication and advertising.

What are these technologies?

Cookies are small files stored in the USER's browser, mobile phone or other device.

Pixel tags (or clean GIFs, web beacons or pixels) are small blocks of code on a web page that allow actions such as reading and storing cookies and transmitting information to “Movimenta BC”.

The resulting connection may include information such as the IP address of a device, the time the pixel was viewed, an identifier associated with the browser or device, and the type of browser in use.

Mobile device identifiers are codes that make it possible to identify the USER's device, persistently or transiently, such as the advertising or operating system ID.

Promote a personalized experience

“Movimenta BC” and its partners also use cookies and other technologies to store personal information, when the USER makes use of the website and/or application.

Thus, the desired goal is to make the USER experience with “Movimenta BC” more convenient and personalized.

Evaluate the effectiveness of communication and advertising

“Movimenta BC” also uses the information of its USERS to understand and analyze trends, administer services, learn about behavior and obtain demographic information.

In some of the email messages, “Movimenta BC” uses a “click-through URL” (external address) linked to the content of the “Movimenta BC” itself.

Thus, when the USER clicks on one of these URLs, it is sent to a different server, before accessing the landing page of the "Movimenta BC" service.

Third Party Technology

In addition to cookies and other technologies, "Movimenta BC" may allow contracted third parties to use cookies and other technologies owned by it to identify the USER's browser and device, in order to offer targeted advertising.

These third parties may also provide “Movimenta BC” with information about the performance of marketing campaigns developed through data sharing.

Where is data stored?

USER data is stored on trusted cloud services from partners that may be located in Brazil or other countries that offer cloud storage service commonly used by technology companies.

In contracting these services, "Movimenta BC" always seeks companies that employ a high level of security in the storage of information, establishing contracts that do not violate the privacy definitions provided for in this statement.

How long is personal data stored?

“Movimenta BC” stores the information of its USERS for the period necessary for the purposes presented in the terms and conditions of use of “Movimenta BC” and in this privacy statement, respecting the data retention period determined by the applicable legislation.

If the USER requests the deletion of their account, the personal information provided to “Movimento BC” during the use of the services will be deleted, except for the purposes allowed by the data protection legislation.

In some situations, "Movimenta BC" may retain USER information, even in case of account exclusion, such as in the cases of mandatory record keeping provided for in applicable laws, as well as for the regular exercise of rights, or if necessary to safeguard legitimate interests, such as fraud prevention and improvement of USER safety.

How is the data shared?


For reasons of data processing on behalf of “Movimenta BC”, USER data may be shared with third party service providers.

In this case, USERS' data will be treated in a way that protects privacy, and such companies have a contractual duty of protection compatible with the applicable legislation and the terms of this privacy statement.

The use of these companies occurs to provide and execute the services of "Movimenta BC", including: maintenance, database management, computer systems and cloud storage providers, customer service center, advertising agencies, etc...

“Movimenta BC” partner tenants

When using a rewards coupon in an tenant, "Movimenta BC" may share some USER information with this tenant, such as name, address and CPF.

Business Partners

"Movimenta BC" may share the data of its USERS with companies with financial or commercial activities with which it maintains a collaborative relationship or partnership, in order to offer promotions, products and services.

In such situations, agreements or contracts are signed with the purpose of protecting the privacy of USERS' personal data and compliance with applicable legislation to ensure that compliance with confidentiality and security standards is adopted.

The sharing of USER data with partner companies will have the following purposes: (a) the development of new products, functionalities and services, as well as their improvement and refinement; (b) the offer of products and services that best serve their interests; (c) the generation of statistical and aggregated data on the use of products and services and user profiles; (d) marketing, prospecting, market research, opinion and promotion of products and services; and (e) investigations and measures to prevent and combat illicit and fraud.

Advertising and analytical services

In order to deliver adequate advertising and promotions to the USER, as well as to improve its services, "Movimenta BC" may also share the data collected with companies specialized in marketing and digital data analysis that offer a level of data protection compatible with this privacy statement.

Public official

“Movimenta BC” may also share the information of its USERS with police or judicial authorities, competent public authorities or other third parties, inside and outside the country, if required by applicable law, by judicial decision or by request of authorities, or, if necessary, to respond to legal proceedings or to participate in any disputes or disputes of any nature.

In these situations, “Movimenta BC” will cooperate with the competent authorities to the extent stipulated by law.

In addition, “Movimenta BC” reserves the right to share information about its USERS to third parties when there are sufficient reasons to consider that a USER's activity is suspicious, illegal or harmful to “Movimenta BC” or to third parties.

This prerogative will be used by “Movimenta BC” when it deems appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and safety of its service, to comply with its terms and conditions of use, for the regular exercise of its rights and also in order to cooperate with the execution and compliance with the law, regardless of whether or not there is a judicial or administrative determination to do so.

How does “Movimenta BC” protect your USERS' data?

“Movimenta BC” adopts appropriate procedures to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of personal data, as well as security, technical and administrative measures capable of protecting personal data from unauthorized access and from accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of improper or unlawful processing.

The personal data of the USERS of the platform are treated with a high degree of security, implementing the best practices in use for data protection, such as encryption techniques, monitoring and periodic security tests.

How does the “BC Movement notify its USERS in the event of changes to its privacy policy?

“Movimenta BC” may update this privacy statement from time to time, and the version in force will always be the latest.

How to exercise your rights as a personal data subject?

In order to exercise your rights as a personal data subject, "Movimenta BC" provides specific means for requests through the "help" tab on its platform.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding this privacy statement or any practice described herein, you can contact “Movimenta BC” through the form on the “help” tab of the platform.

Deletion of account and personal data

Every user of Movimenta BC has the right, at any time, to delete their account and application data, as provided for in the General Data Protection Law. For this you must follow the following steps:

  • Open the app and login using your email and password;
  • Click on the Account menu;
  • Choose the option “Delete my account”;
  • Enter the password again and click on “Confirm account deletion”;

After this procedure, the user's account and data will be immediately deleted from the entire application and database, and it will not be possible to redeem them.